Air Gravity – New Airborne Shooting Game

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Playing a great game elevates our spirits. There are very few ways to boost up a person’s mood than the feeling of victory and today mobile-based games have made it possible and most of the time you do not have to pay anything extra other than directly downloading it from playstore. Playing mobile-based games are well known to provide some health benefits like reducing depression, stress and even an underlying sense of good feeling. They are also suitable for all age type of people.

As I am addicted to finding new and challenging games which provide a best and hassle-free experience to my users, I recently discovered a new challenging aeroplane shooting game Air Gravity.

As the name of the game speaks “Air Gravity”, the game is about to shoot down the enemy planes that come along your way while also maintaining the aircraft in the air.

Now, let’s dig into the game and find out why I considered it to feature on my website!

In Air Gravity, you need to play in a shoot-em-up setting where you are supposed to battle out the enemy planes while also keeping in mind the action of gravity of your aircraft. Make sure that you do not get hit by a bullet from the enemy.

The game also offers you auto shoot function where you do not have to switch between flying the plane and shooting your opponents. Instead, you can focus on shooting your enemies and master the art of flying.

While fighting and balancing the aircraft, you also have to collect the coins to score the highest. You can also collect the health packs that allow you to overcome the enemy planes.

Salient Features of the game:

Air Gravity has a number of exciting features. Some of them are,

  • Challenging game play
  • Different obstacles in every progress
  • Bug fixes
  • Upgrades based on performance

Developed by:

Air Gravity is an arcade based game that is offered on Google Play Store by ‘Dreadnoughta’.

Download this amazing time killer game now!