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Suppose you have two meetings on days, one is at 11 O’clock and the other is at 12 O’clock. But, you didn’t pay attention to the fact that they were back to back and didn’t have time to fully prepare for them. Who am I meeting with? What is their background? What do I know about them?

So to solve your problem, Calendar.AI is here to help you! It’s an Android app developed by Sync.AI in the ‘productivity’ category. The app is a smart calendar which not only schedules your business meetings but also gives you a lot of critical business information.

Calendar.AI helps you to schedule meetings faster and supercharge your schedule with insights about the people and companies you meet. It’s an absolutely free appointment scheduling app, integrated into the calendar app. It saves your time preparing for meetings in your calendar with enriched insights. With this app, you can schedule an appointment and events within seconds. You need to simply set your availability and let invitees choose the best time to meet.

Using Calendar.AI you can get the information of all the participants and insights about them on your mobile phone. For example- you can know about the key members, their history, news, funding, stock prices and social media bursts. You can see their personal profiles, contact information, employment history, location, and even photos. Once you have scheduled a meeting, you can attach meeting minutes, agendas, or other documents, emails, lists, and even add notes, to any scheduled meeting.

With all these things, you get a clue about who you are meeting with, what the agenda is about, and you will not feel stressed before it gets started. There is no need to spend your valuable time in searching the information on the web when you have a smart Calendar app with you. You need to be prepared already because a lack of preparation can also cost you valuable opportunities with the new clients. After the meeting gets over, you can use the Smart scheduler to book a follow-up meeting by checking each person’s schedule and find the perfect, available time-slot to meet. 

Calendar.AI has a user-friendly interface which is easy to use and is super-fast. Apart from that, you can also integrate video conferencing into your meetings via GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype or Business, or Zoom.

Go and get it now! It’s available on the Play Store for free! It’s the last calendar app you’ll ever need.

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