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Do you know about ZIP code? You might have seen ZIP code in your routine work.  Do you know where? When you post something in a package or envelope to some other city, state or country, a ZIP code or a postal code is written to identify the location. ZIP means Zone Improvement Plan. It’s basically used on the delivery packages and envelopes so that the mail travels more quickly when the senders mark the postal code on them. The basic ZIP code consists of 9 digits. The first 5 digits indicate the destination post or delivery area. The last 4 digits of the 9-digit ZIP code represents a specific delivery routine within that overall delivery area. So if you want to locate any area for your business or personal p you need a ZIP code API which helps to fetch all the ZIP codes worldwide.

Today, I have brought an amazing app for you which is known as ZIP code API. This web app provides you so many functions in order to find a ZIP code. It helps to fetch the ZIP codes from all over the world. The API allows you to find the distance between zip codes quickly. Moreover, you can use this API to find all the zip codes within a given radius from another zip code. You know that there are so many countries in this whole world and so the states, cities and sub-areas. That’s why there are a lot of zip codes for each and every location. You can’t organize them on your own because it’s very confusing. So ZIP CODE API can be used for your comfort! 

The API has so many features such as: it allows you to convert zip codes for a city or a town, calculate the distance between two zip codes, organize a list of all the zip codes in order of their nearby location. The results are delivered in km or miles. You can search for any location and find the zip code by just entering the PIN  code of any city/town, etc. The API returns the results in the JSON format which is easy to use and can be integrated into any application. Even if you require a high volume of data, it gives the best performance. The app will provide the data of the list of all the postal codes in city, state or country.  You will also receive information about the primary location of each zip code. You can discover and test the APIs from your browser and manage them from one dashboard.

The  ZIP CODE API helps you to fetch ZIP code data from 100+ countries and process 10,000 free requests/month at a much fair pricing. The data provided by the app are accurate and gets continuously updated and verified from multiple sources. The app is available for free as well as custom plans are here with fair pricing. There are different pricing plans such as small, medium, large, very large, and unlimited. You can choose any contract and upgrade, cancel or downgrade it any time if you want to! All the plans vary according to the distance, radius, number of requests, etc.

So grab it now and get the most out of it!

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