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It is fun to predict and know about things that are unknown to you, regardless of it is bad or good. If you are looking for such accurate predictions based on pictures, now you can enjoy that with the help of an advanced android application. Yes, you heard that right! All you need to do is to download the Clairvoyant CAKKHU app on your Android devices and get the predictions. Read out here to know more about this app and how it can help you in your quest.


The application is not only very easy to use but it is fun as well. The user-friendly interface loaded with vibrant colors imbibes a positive feel in you just as soon as you log into it. It is compatible with all kinds of android phones and devices and lets you get started right away. You simply have to click a picture and post it in the app and then the app will give you an answer based on the picture. The artificial intelligence named as Ms. Cakkhu, is the clairvoyant who gives predictions by reading and understanding the reflections of your posted photograph. The app is so easy to use that even a first timer will not face any problems getting through it.

The pros

· Easy to use even for a newbie

· The interface is very user-friendly

· The app comes with instructions on how to use it

· The predictions are very accurate

· It is compatible with all types of device

The cons

The application is far from giving you the experience of sitting in front of a Clairvoyant and getting reading. Infact most users have even said that the app does not even provide correct readings. But in case it gives false reading you can correct it instantly which is a good option. 

In spite of the snags that the application may have it is still wonderful and is being used by many people who simply love it. This app is just perfect for those people who like to get predictions about something or would like to post pictures of their dates to learn about their nature and what’s going on in their minds. So, download and install it right today and start the ride to the unknown with this amazing and fun-filled app!