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How about joining a team of passionate card game players and display exceptional performance in the leaderboard? This is a unique opportunity that one gets from the recently updated Grand Gin Rummy game. With the incredible 1920s atmosphere, this great game offers players a high quality gameplay which is available in different modes of play. So far the game is highly rated (with a 4+ rating), a clear indication that it is quite impressive to the players. Meanwhile, this amazing game is free to play and the user may only require a typically small fee (between $0.99-$79.99) in order to purchase other additional items. Clearly speaking, this is a top notch game that any ardent player cannot afford to miss!

How to operate Grand Gin Rummy game

The entire game setup is user-friendly though it comes along with a challenging experience that the user needs to exhibit great performance to come out as the winner. The user will have an opportunity to train this game using the Practice mode before encountering the other three modes; they include the Oklahoma, Quick and Classic. While playing, one needs to take into account high speed especially when picking up the cards in order to compete effectively. Interestingly, the player can ultimately earn different in-app gifts upon defeating the opponent. Meanwhile, there are free chips which are gained by the player each day after engaging in constant gameplay.

Compatible devices to use for the Grand Gin Rummy game

When it comes to selecting the suitable devices for this amazing app game, the user will be required to have either iPod Touch, iPad or the iPhone. This is because these devices exhibit great performance together with other unique capabilities of perfectly supporting the app. Additionally, the user is required to have installed iOS 7.0 or any other new version of operating system.


Perfectly displayed 5-star hotel atmosphere

This amazing and conducive environment creates a suitable platform where the player can relax during the gameplay session. The player encounters different unique people around this beautifully furnished 1920s hotel environment.

Enjoy amazing free bonus

It is for the player to engage in playing the game as many times as possible each day in order to collect numerous free chips offered. Such chips can be used in upgrading the game by obtaining additional items to make the game more fantastic.

Offline mode is effective

This feature is a clear indication that the player can enjoy playing the game even when the internet connection is not available. Meanwhile, some functions of the game especially for the in-app purchase may need one to connect to internet.

The four modes of gameplay available

These modes of the game include the Quick, Practice, Classic and Oklahoma. The initial one that the user gets to understand is the Practice Mode which is meant to give the player a learning experience.


Check below for the pros and cons of the Grand Gin Rummy game:


· A great chance to exhibit game card skills

· Amazing bonuses of free chips on daily basis

· Competing with friends boost skills in the game

· The four modes keep the game lively and quite captivating

· The 5-star hotel atmosphere makes the game session relaxing


· Slowdown in performance experienced with time

· Can enhance gambling events in individuals


It is quite evident that this version 1.1.6 of the Grand Gin Rummy game has brought unstoppable experience to the game players. The presence of unique features incorporated, for instance, high quality graphics and amazing design makes the game worth playing. With the introduction of other features like new Oklahoma stars, custom cards, special offer and double up feature; it is clear that users stand a great chance to gain. Why not get it today at App Store for free? Download it today!