Box Island a gaming and educative app for children

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The box island is an app that was made specifically to take kids to an adventure and educate. As the kids enjoy the game, they are taken through an educative platform of the basics of programming. The latest version of the app is the 2.0.5, which is equipped with various features and improvements. The kids become more engaged because the coding of the game is improved. The game’s interface has been redefined making it simple and appealing for kids. There are new tools which have been introduced in the game and the character Hiro unveils those tools. New songs have been introduced in the game to make the game more appealing. On the programming part there is a choice for parents to choose coder profiles that are multiple and unlock a section of the game. Box island has been made global with the introduction of 20 languages .The environment of the game has been redesigned into a 3D version making it look more polished with the addition of new extracts.

The game is ideal for kids and an introduction to basic programming is introduced to the kids. The user uses icons which are in form of simple arrows. Small boxes are moved by the user to desired locations in the game which leads to a resultant goal. This is done repeatedly by the user as much as it is needed to reach a specific destination or target. The game is in a form of puzzle and there are no texts that need to be followed. The absence of texts makes it easier for no-readers who are still young to easily play the game; this gives the young ones an opportunity to be open minded and understand the basics and logic of the game. 

Pros of Box Island

  • The game has been designed in a way that it educates kids and introduces them to the basics of programming
  • The game has been designed in a manner that even kids who cannot read are able to play it.
  • The 3D image of the game and the new songs makes it appealing and attractive to the kids, making the them want to play the game more .This gives them a chance to grasp simple programming as they play the game.
  • Unlike other game apps, Box Island is made in manner that supports 20 languages; this makes it to be played globally, so education is passed globally as the kids play the game.
  • The app is a play and learn process; it appeals parents who may not be supportive of their children playing as they learn.

Cons of Box Island

  • The game can be addictive to kids making them shun away other disciplines apart from programming.
  • As the game progresses there are levels that become difficult for the kids as they play and this might make them loose interest in the game .As the kids move to different levels they learn basics of programming. This might lead to an abrupt end of the learning process because the kid has lost interest of the game due its difficulty levels.
  • The game app is restricted to iPhones and iPads; this makes it difficult for those kids whose parents cannot afford iPhones or iPads to play the game.

 As much as the app has cons,the pros are more than the cons.This makes the Box island an intuitive and educative game app for kids.It is widely considered by most parents because of its educative purpose.The app is widely used by parents to keep their young children busy and sharp.

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