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Space Barriers- Expert Review written by: were12 Playing games on your iPhone/iPad plays a significant role in boosting your health and social lives. iOS offers a variety of interesting game apps that you can easily download and enjoy straight on your iPhone/iPad. One of the best game app that iOS supports is Space Barriers.

1. Concept.

Space Barriers is a simple and addictive puzzle game with the ability to sharpen your imagination. The objective of this game is to aim the ball at the goal using your fingers. To navigate the ball through the puzzle and into the goal, simply swipe your finger anywhere on the screen.

2. Visuals.

Space Barriers game app is designed with high quality graphics. As a result, it is enjoyable as well as additive. Due to the outstanding graphics, the game appears to be real. The iOS app comes with 100 different levels, giving you hours of fun trying to solve each puzzle. What’s more? Space Barriers is ideal for both kids and adults. If you haven’t played the game before, you can begin with easier levels before moving on step by step to more advanced levels.

3. User Interface.

Space Barriers app has been designed to run on both iPhone and iPad. In addition, it is compatible with the iPod Touch. It comes with a clean interface with different levels for both experts and amateurs. If you own an iPhone/iPad, you can easily download the free iTunes App and install it. After installation, search for the Space Barriers app, purchase and finally download to start enjoying the fun. The file size is only 77.3 MB and the app launches easily.

4. User Experience.

Several positive reviews from avid iOS users claim that Space Barriers app is easy to install and comes with a user-friendly interface. Several installs on iOS-devices have already triggered a stream of new updates from different satisfied users.