Elemelons – Review

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With a beautiful interesting story behind, the Elemelons iPhone app has a nice start. It is very easy to use and have a great graphics. This game test your concentration, challenge your reflex and swiping art.


Due to humility on social platforms, the human being are punished for their actions. The four elements supported them then turned to four melons. They are called in this game Elemelons – watermelon, firemelon, earthmelon, airmelon . Now they are in danger. You have to save them. Ultimately this is the game.


On every side of the screen the game has 4 different colored walls . Elemelons appear inside a simple square box. The game is to send each of them to their corresponding color by swiping them in the right direction. By doing this you earn points.This is pretty easy but the difficulty is directly proportional to your progression.
The rate of the appearance of the Elemelons will increase as well. Never become slow, because it could become pretty crowded in the box. The Elemelons also tend to bum against one other, causing them to ricochet off towards a completely new direction.
So concentrate more. Your reflex to be tested to its limits once you reach the later points of your play through. If you swipe the Elemelons towards the wrong side, the game will be over.


Though the Elemelons are cute and funny, your addiction may not last forever. This game has only one level and one gaming mode. No power ups or achievements will surely bother you. There are many similar games in the app market.


A hilarious story line makes a perfect start to enter. It is quite good looking, has excellent presentation and nice sounding game. You can download and install the game free of cost and play with no ads. There are in app purchase also.


This game hits social networking further by providing individual, developed stories for each Elemelon, which you can view by tapping on the “Discover the Elemelons universe” section of the game. Of course, the compelling story and satirical humor is only half of what draws players to Elemelons. It is recommended for those gamers who are searching for new funny puzzle games. Really speaking, the game couldn’t help but indulge on the very field that it makes fun of, as evidenced by its other unique feature where you can make a selfie with the Elemelons, and you can share with your friends. Those who love to compete with other players, know that the game has incorporated a leaderboard as well where you can beat each other’s high scores. However, the manner in which Elemelons delivers it, with its stellar graphics and simple yet original gameplay, makes it difficult to compare with others that belong in the said genre. What’s certain is that it has high replayability and brings something new to the android games basket.The appbuilders’ small effort to provide some storyline really make a great difference from the other puzzle game already in the appstore. This makes the game unique.


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