Feelu – ios App Review

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How about getting something for your child that he/she will use to balance emotions in life. The balancing of emotions is very necessary training that every parent should provide their kid. Making an impact on society is very easy when the impact is laid down well on the kids in reach!


  • Broader Spectrum: The app helps your child not only to think about people and be kind towards but this tries to go a bit more ahead. The broader spectrum includes helping children to think of being gentle and kind towards animals as well.
  • How to handle sections: Feelu knows there are emotional roller coaster times in the life of every child. To neglect such small things would be very dangerous for the peace of one and then someday peace of all. Thus, we have inbuilt How to handle section, that guides your Kid to be very proactive in handling any sort of feeling turmoil happen in their life.
  • Games and the meditation: We have tried bringing the perfect combo of games with some relaxing time of meditation. The complete build of the app is focused to teach kids to be positive and think good. 
  • Share how did they feel: Not only telling kids about several things, we wanted to keep it very practical. Sharing is the best and very common practice for anybody to learn and explore even more. Feeling being grateful and mindful about someone is good to be shown but what when the kid is angry or the feeling of being scared? Some of the feelings that kid might feel uncomfortable in sharing can be recorded in the app which could be later tracked by the parent or guardian using the My Feelings section.

Feelu helps with :-

  1. Making expressing and learning what to do, easy for kids. This helps in making sure kids don’t feel alone or puzzled when it comes to express and live life at the best.
  2. The creative interactive sessions, helps kids become engaged. An app that would not only keep kids involved rather team them some more.
  3. A detailed section for parents to help them with any sort of confusions and the doubts they might be having regarding the behavior of their child.
  4. Set the measure of your feeling and make it expressed the way you would like. Keep it to the highest level of happiness and even to the low level of anger as per your choice.

Last words:

Helping kids while talking about various emotions like love and being kind is most needed in our routines. To raise a generation that is mentally healthier and knows how to keep their tantrums aside is a big task. Things that could be done in collaboration should never be done alone! Hence we want to join hands with parents helping them with this mentalhealth app called Feelu.

Summary: Share, express and relax is the entire motto behind curating Feelu. Leaving tantrums and fighting Bully back in the face are some of the additional things we wanted to include for our gentle spirits!

Features: 5

Connectivity: 4.5

User Interface: 5

Usability: 4.7

Worth Having App – Download the AppWeblink