Fun, friendly competitions. 15-second video entries. This is Compete!

by | Apr 7, 2021 | General Apps | 0 comments

From crazy dance challenges to lip-sync battles, viral challenges have become a pillar of social media. Compete has taken this concept and created a challenge-focused social media app. It’s available to download on iOS and Google Play!

Browse competitions in a huge range of categories – from singing and dancing to cute pets and sports – and create 15-second video entries to showcase your skills. The video editor in the app makes it quick and easy to create amazing looking content in minutes, and you can add music tracks from any genre, cool effects and filters to really spice up your videos.

If competing isn’t your thing (I have two left feet, so dancing is a no-no) then you can participate in other ways. Like on TikTok, you can browse other people’s videos and competition entries, liking, sharing and commenting as much as you want. You can even earn the title of ‘best judge’!

Compete is also totally inclusive and aims to be a fun, relaxed and authentic social media experience rather than having its users create a ‘best’ version of themselves for social media. Another thing we love is that, even though the minimum age to use the app is 13, anybody under the age of 18 requires explicit consent from a parent or guardian. There’s zero tolerance for offensive, sexual, violent or discriminatory content and Compete aims to be a safe, fun, inclusive experience for all.

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