Have an Exciting Live Calling and Chatting Experience with Flash: Full Screen Caller ID

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Long gone are those days where we sent emails and text messages. We have come to the era of smartphone apps with much functionality. Mobile messaging apps are more popular as they have social networking features, improved security with advanced free calling and other options. The new communication technologies powered by the Internet gives us access to a lot of free messaging and live calling apps.

One awesome app that was published by the Flash App LLC, offers all kinds of interactions with others, from free text messaging, to video calling and protected sharing of private photos and videos. The app named ‘Flash’ is a whole new way to have a fun and exciting experience of chatting with your friends and family.

You can start making use of Flash: Full Screen Caller ID just by entering the country you live in along with your phone number. That’s it and you are good to get started. As the name suggests, the app allows to display your pics to the person you dial when you make a call. You can choose any pic of yours, add special effects and filters and transform it the way you want. You can even add a text message to convey the reason for your call. You can also save all the pics along with the changes you made.

The app has different menu columns: Contacts, Groups, Photos and Chat. The ‘Contacts’ is where you can find those members with whom you sent or received a Flash. The ‘Group’ icon allows you access to the groups you created. The Photos section is a complete library of all the pics that were edited by you and the Activities is the place where you can see all the fun you had with ‘Flash’. Chat column is where you can use Flash as a messenger that lets you to start a group chat with all the people you want to and have endless conversations.

The built-in call handling system helps us to accept or decline a call or send a text. Another exclusive feature of the app that makes it to stand out from other similar apps in store is the ‘Hidden Flash’. A Hidden Flash is the feature that helps you to share photos that are self-destructive; you can set a timer to the photos so that they get auto-deleted as the time expires. The time limit can be set in seconds, minutes or hours. This feature ensures that all your photos are confidential and they cannot be misused by others as they don’t exist long.

The Flash team works harder to ensure customer satisfaction and you can reach out to them in case of any queries or doubts via email on the website. Flash is completely free for download and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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