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If you are working in an organisation which involves marketing, design, management or any kind of sales or whatever you do, requires some sort of help. Isn’t it? You can’t do the whole project alone and need some help for the execution of the project without any hassle. Apart from the manpower, you require a special all-in-one tool which helps you to do all the work easily. For example- a project collaboration tool or a management software. I have brought such an amazing tool for executing your project, which is known as Infolio.

Infolio makes planning and managing your projects simple. To start with, you need to Sign In using your Google account or Sign Up with your email Id and track the progress. You can create a new project or import an existing one from the other platforms. You can give a project name and give permission to grant access to the other team members if they need. There is a drag and drop interface of the app which helps you to track the progress of the projects visually. You can keep an eye after each progress.

Infolio is a multi-purpose tool and has many features incorporated in one place. With Infolio, you will be able to communicate with your team virtually and can share your ideas. It’s visual collaboration space gives a chance to everyone in the team to brainstorm, give ideas, suggestions and share them. They can add notes, share links, give comments, share files and documents, etc. There is a chat option also available in the app which helps you to share your thoughts and ideas with your team members during the project execution.

The app is using Kanban, which gives you a table view with a personal CRM as well. It also provides templates which are suitable for any kind of project you have. You can add lists, tasks, statuses and rename them and customize the workflow of your project according to your needs. For the complex tasks, you can add sub-tasks also and select the due date as well as assignees for each sub-task. This will add more detailing and structure to your workflow.

You can filter anything you want and categorise whatever you do in the app such as: lists, statuses and assignees. For example- you can assign your takes from top to bottom according to their priorities and requirements. Moreover, users can add tags and highlight them based upon the urgency. You can brainstorm and share your ideas with your team, which facilitates the collaboration of your team.

If you have any suggestions or want to see the working of this excellent tool, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. This tool will really save your precious time and money. It’s completely available for free of cost and offers everything you need without any credit card requirement. You can get access to unlimited projects, team members, boards and spaces, custom fields, cloud services integrations and also 1 GB storage for free. It comes with a professional plan which is very cheap and gives 50 GB storage also. On the whole, Infolio is a fantastic tool for carrying out tasks while working in a team in your organization. It’s an easy to use, safe and smart tool for you and your organization!

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