Make Informed Diabetes Management Decisions with Quin

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The way people usually look at diabetes is different. Over 40 million people around the world are reported to suffer from diabetes. Reports reveal that 92% of the population have not achieved their medical requirements. By gathering the ideas and insights from people in the medical field and addressing the concepts that were not seen before, this special app named Quin was designed.

Quin Diabetes Management is a medical app that helps you learn about yourself. It keeps track of how you take food and insulin and how each of it affects your health. Depending upon this, users will be able to make better diabetes decisions. It makes note of the food you eat and lets you know how it has affected the blood sugar levels then and now. The ‘What’s Ahead Graph’ of Quin lets you see what would happen to your blood sugar levels in the next 5 hours depending on previous readings and recorded food.

Quin Diabetes Management assists you in understanding your blood glucose range. You will be able to organize your day-to-day activities and will be able to know what is about to happen in the next 5 hours. Quin helps you make better diabetes management decisions and you will be more accurate when you use it frequently. The app helps you handle your everyday life with confidence. You will be able to learn more from your treatment choices over time and alter your insulin levels according to your lifestyle. Quin Diabetes Management is completely free for download and is available on the App Store.

The app helps you put all the medical information together in one place. It is being widely used by people all across Europe. 35% of the population report that they have seen a significant decrease in their blood glucose levels. The personalized recommendations combined with the technology of apps have paved way for this new approach. It helps you come out of the fatigue, anxiety, stress and depression that you face due to diabetes.

With Quin, users can set up a routine as to when they should receive notifications to take long-acting insulin and record the dosage instantly with a single tap. It gives insights on the levels of blood sugar as you add food and insulin choices frequently. Notifications are also displayed to tell you when your insulin is at its strongest and weakest phases so that you can make better decisions about insulin and food.

The app is available in English and requires iOS 13.0 or later versions. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

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