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Learn Math the Chill Way with LULO Lucky Logic

Maths is always a hard subject for most kids and adults. If there are some methods to make this simpler, it would be a great boon. There are a lot of interactive apps, websites and platforms that aid you in learning math the easier way. When you can know math the fun way, it is worth trying that. LULO Lucky Logic is a math puzzle game app that lets you play as long as you wish. All you need to know is just a few numbers and the plus and minus symbol.

LULO Lucky Logic asks nothing but just your interest to play the game. If you know numbers 1 to 9 and just the arithmetic characters plus and minus, then you can play this chill game without any hindrance. The gameplay is simple as you just have to obtain the result that is displayed at the top of the screen. The 5*5 grid has numbers of 1 to 9 and your task is to just slide the game number up and either add or subtract to get the results. The more the numbers you clear, the more you can score. 

The result to be got is never less than 1 or greater than 9. If you are calculating 6+4 or 9+1, the result would not be 10, rather the two numbers are stacked one below the other. The game is not much easy or complicated either but is good to puzzle you and keep the game going. If you can clear all the numbers quickly then you can score more gems. If the numbers get filled in the grid, the game gets over and your score is reset to zero. The game strategy lies in how long you continue in the game and how much you can score.

LULO Lucky Logic allows you to turn ON/OFF the sound effects, give a different look to the game by changing the game skins. You can either gather more gems to obtain the skins or purchase them by spending some dollars. If you are good at math you get better rewards but no worries as you can learn the math skill by just swiping up. It serves as a chill method as it has no time limit or stress. 

LULO Lucky Logic works well on both iOS and Android devices. It is completely free for download but comes with in-app purchases where you can remove ads for $1.99, get x2 Gems for $0.99, x4 Gems for $1.99, x10 Gems for $4.99 and x100 Gems for $17.99. The app is suitable for both kids and adults in the family and learning basic math can never get any better than this. Download the app today and chill out with the numbers. 

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