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There are a lot of dating apps that are making their way to the App Store and so many of them are trending. But, it’s quite difficult to choose the one which is safe and secure to use. Dating is a way to find someone who is similar to you and who completes you if you want a serious relationship. However, you can find new friends using dating apps and choose the right guy or girl for you. You know that most of the time, the conversation ends up in the first line and the interests of the two persons don’t match because they are opposite to each other. So it’s better to date a girl or a guy if there is a common bond of interest between you two. Following the same concept, a new app has just arrived in the market and it’s our duty to check it out for the sake of you.

The Promenad is an iOS as well as Android app which has been developed by New Technologies LP. It has been compatible with the iOS 12.0 or later versions of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and also with all the latest Android Operating Systems. Upon installing the app on your device, you need to fill your profile and tell about your interests too. You need to add your pics and select the purpose of your search on the app. You can tell the system about your interests for a better chance to find likely matches. The app helps you to find like-minded people nearby and start a conversation with them. You can share anything with them and discuss your favorite things, food, subjects or anything else to know each other better.

The Promenad’s profile browser works like a smart news feed. It lets you go back to any profile you’ve previously viewed. It provides a convenient as well as powerful search functionality to give its users even more control. The app is safe and simple to use and monitor all profiles and photos on the website. You can check any profile which you like based on your interests and also check who looked at your profile for free. You can also check who gave you that like and send messages to them.

Overall, the interface of the app is user-friendly as well as decent for a dating app. There are no flashing items that distract your attention, but, there are some ads in between. The navigation is simple with slider controls and the other overall design is very good. 

Like most other dating apps, this app is also free to install but includes in-app purchases for accessing some of the features. The app has many more features that you’ll discover yourself and if you are looking for a free package, then this is the best app for you!

Pros: user-friendly interface; easy to find friends and partners; search for like-minded people; simple and safe; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the app