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If you have not experienced Koi Pond, then you are missing something. The app is great for impressing global users when running their finger across the surface creating ripples that cause Koi to dart away. Everyone loves the realistic water simulation, the ability to change scenery and relaxing ambient sound track. This app is completely satisfies all global users.

Everyone would certainly agree that some days could be way more stressful than others and sometimes you just require to step back from the situation and calm. With the helpf of Koi Pond you could easily clear your mind and actively relax. That’s what the Koi Pond app strongly focus to assist you with. When you launch this familiar app it turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a small Koi Pond complete with Koi swimming about and relaxing sounds that users could easily control.

The global users could just enjoy the show and clear your mind or you could actively interact with the Koi by using your finger. More interestingly if you tap the water and make a splash they swim away. If you press and hold your finger in the water they would swim towards you. Apart from this if users shake their iPhone you actually drop food down and they eat.


There are wide range of options in tapping the lower right corner of the screen. The users could do just about everything including changing the background and volume of the various sounds. It is also possible to set sleep timer if you wish to drift off to the sounds of the fish swimming about.

The users could feed the fish in the pond by shaking the iPhone or iPod touch. They can choose ambient sounds to enhance your personal oasis. The sounds like rain, birds, wind, frogs or crickets are of good quality when you wear headphones. You also have two lighting options with bright mid-day or evening and two “splash” sounds that play randomly. The users get a new pond bottom; where before you had rocks on the bottom and selection of different tiles is also available.

The graphics developed in this app are beautiful and put Apple’s high-resolution screen to good use. The various colors and clarity of the different elements are unique. The rain is particularly new feature as it drops on the top of your pond and with the sound effects, it’s even more better.

Koi Pond is professionally enjoyable, relaxing experience for the mobile user. The developers are responsive with the beneficial features which are well thought out, and the interface is elegant. All in all, Koi Pond is a great app for illustrating off the features of your iPhone as well as providing a calm, peaceful and entertaining respite in the midst of the daily busy chaos.