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Most of the parents are so much concerned in protecting children who seem to be always near and dear to their heart, but perhaps even more so now, particularly since babies could have online identity even before being born. Among several apps which help parents and children increase safety via communication, MamaBear for iOS found to be completely beneficial for users.

There are several tracking apps, but seem more like stalking-type apps, where the parents could spy on their children, from a child’s point-of-view, at least. Due to this feature one-way tracking app would cause unnecessary misunderstanding between parents and their children, particularly with teenagers; the parents would have all the control and the children would have none.

With this app the parents have the power to know where their children are on a map and get alerted about when they arrive. You can actively leave set locations like school, a friend’s house or work. It is also possible to discover when their children get tagged in or upload a photo, or check in with friends at a location on popular Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The parents could easily learn when their kids make new friends on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and also get alerted to bad language or signs of bullying. Moreover the parents could also find out if their child is driving or riding with someone that is going faster than the pre-set limit.


Where as the children have the power to check in with their parents by means of emoticons. They can effectively send Come Get Me message or an emergency alert to their parents. Even they could customize the app’s background. As a parent they could develop a profile for each of them , set location alerts based on safe and restricted places. It is also possible to set social media alerts with restricted words and friends. You can also set driving alerts by entering speed limits.

From point of child’s view there are actually four choices respectively as check in, which leads to emoticon choices, like “all good,” “omg,” etc.. You have come get me with purple car icon and emergency with orange floatation device icon that professionally sends the appropriate message directly to the parent and wall paper. There are preset colors and has the ability to upload different background images. Eventually this popular app is highly regarded for being user-friendly, promoting safety and encouraging children to take part in keeping themselves safe. MamaBear provides parents the peace of mind they wish , while protecting children’s safety and online reputation. It also primarily connects the entire family for simple communication right on your mobile device.