Stay Connected With Your Family Using Homeis

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Have you ever been away from your hometown/country to a distant land? How did you feel about being there? Were you feeling lonely and wished it would be better if you had a company? Yes, with this one unique app, you can get in touch with people who belong to the same country as yours.

Given by Homeis Inc, the app is the first digital platform that helps connect foreign-born communities around the world. Belonging to the social networking category, it helps you to find locals of your own country. The app assists you in finding the friends who live near you and share the same interest, culture and needs as yours. You can discover people based on the common trust and wisdom of your community.

As you install the app, they ask you to furnish some basic details like where you live now and where you are from. You can then connect with the people of your nation either through Facebook or through email.

Homeis would be highly useful not only for immigrants from other countries but also for those who are expats. The app has been featured in different media and the co-founder & CEO of Homeis, Ran Harnevo, states that it is a culture network for foreign-born people to connect and help one another. It is not just like any other social network. With Homeis, apart from knowing the professionals of your community, you can discover jobs and apartments in your city. You can also get in touch with professionals who speak the same language as yours.

The app allows you to explore the community’s top recommendations in the locality. You can meet with people for a coffee or a drink or just send text messages to them. What not? You can even make a business deal with them depending upon who they are and what they do. The app helps you post or find a job offer, look for shared apartments with people of our community, get professional lawyers who speak the language you know, doctors, real-estate services, events information and so much more.

Homeis is available for download on both iOS and Android devices. If you have any queries, you can contact the team on to get them answered. You can also visit the website – and get to know more about their services. The app is available in four different languages namely, English, French, Hebrew and Spanish.

You can be anywhere in this world, Homeis could be the ultimate app that can connect you with people of your home country in just a few seconds. It makes you feel like you are at home.

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