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Every single choice you make today is also a choice for tomorrow. The food you eat today will impact what your figure looks like six months from now. They could even impact what your health will be later on. Do you agree or not? If you eat healthy food which suits you, you’ll remain fit and will be less prone to any disease. But if you eat junk food, it will not make you internally strong instead it will make you fat and you’ll catch a disease at a faster rate compared to others. We all know that sticking to diets is very hard to do, especially when there are fast foods, desserts at every corner of this world. But the fact is that a healthy meal can also be very delicious. Let’s see how!

Today, I’m introducing you a diet coach in a trendy way. It’s called Suggestic, an Automated Nutrition Coach for you. You know that eating healthy food needs commitment and self control that we lack somewhere. Also, we don’t find the grocery stores and restaurants in our area which provides good food. But, Suggestic helps you to tackle this problem and helps you to find food that is healthy for you at your doorstep.

Suggestic is the best app ever seen in the health sector developed by Suggestic. It requires iOS 9.0 or any later version of the OS and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a free Artificial Intelligence Nutrition Coach, that helps you to stick to your diet. It offers local restaurant Menu item recommendations, personalizes grocery lists and suggest meals, recipes, and snack options for you. It works in real-time and help the people to stay healthy on a daily basis. Moreover, Suggestic integrates with Apple health to further customize your diet and save your time.

The most interesting aspect of this technology is the augmented reality feature. With the click of a button, you can decide what you want to eat at a local restaurant. You need to follow just 3 simple steps. Firstly, set your goals and choose your base diet and add preferences and restrictions to get your personalized diet plan. Secondly, you’ll receive instant recommendations from affordable and locally available restaurants that best adhere to your diet and access to over 1 million recipes and more. Lastly, follow the recommendations and start focussing on that diet to achieve your goals.

Overall, the app is amazing for a person who is looking for a diet coach and can’t go for a workout in his/her busy schedule. Suggestic is an easy to use app. The interface is just user-friendly and the graphics are brilliant. After getting an experience with Suggestic, you can confidently say that even a salad can be more interesting! So enjoy your meals and get the app now!

The app is available for free in the iTunes Store.

Pros: personal diet coach; saves time; interesting app; find local restaurants using GPS; 3-step process; find healthy meals that adhere to your diet; user-friendly; free.

 Cons: none.


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