The Tracker App by I4U News – App Review

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Track the hard to find products on one go with The Tracker app

Digital retail technology is creating a buzz around these days. What we are seeing today is just a beginning. 

If the customer browses through an online store shopping site for shopping and finds out that his/her desired product/brand is out of stock, he/she searches for a buying solution. That’s where the digital retail technology comes into play and that’s where The Tracker app by I4U news comes into the scene. This digital innovation app enables the customers to find the stock of hard to find products which are out of stock in an online store. 

How does The Tracker App works 

After downloading the app and activating the notifications, customers can simply start finding their product from the list of hard to find items and select the notify me checkmark for the products they would like to get notified about. The Tracker then starts detecting the product in stock and the customer gets notified via notification on their smartphone as to when the product/brand is in stock or available at an online store. Once notified, the customer can immediately purchase the product from the online retail store.

The Tracker app has a feature of price drop notifications in which the tracker would send the notifications when the price of popular items drops distinctively. It is a very first kind of free and interesting service which intimates the customer on every single significant price drop. The most popular product which people are tracking are detected by the tracker automatically and updated accordingly.

To successfully run the tracker app, the customer must have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and Android now. The best thing about the tracker app is the inventory wonderfully managed; they have considered and covered every category of the product which can be thought of which enables the customers to easily find the product and select the same.

Furthermore, the tracker app keeps on updating and adding the products in the inventory list and if in case there happens to be a product that the customer is looking for is not in the tracker inventory, he/she can directly write to the tracker via the feedback section on the app. Moreover, the tracker provides the customer to see all the products searched by them like a history which keeps the record of every tracked product and its status and in turn helps the customer for a better recall.

Wrapping Up

The Tracker app is set to make customer’s lives easy, simple, hassle-free and stress-free. It does have few pros and cons associated with it, which are as follows –


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Faster notification timing
  • Price Drop notifications
  • Quick response
  • Customer-friendly app
  • Wide range of categories/products available


  • Takes time to load the products 

Final Verdict 

The Tracker is a user-friendly app and a must have app excelling in online inventory tracking. Installing the tracker app is highly recommended. With the release of their latest version, the issue of loading time of products has been resolved. Overall, it provides a great experience and works smoothly without any glitches. This makes the app easy to use and understand for the customer making the app compatible for all. 

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