YUGENCREATIONS – a super app for youth.

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A modern app about urban life created for young people. One app that collects everything about modern life in. I think it is actually worth our attention. So let us have a deeper look over it.

The app is designed in a very creative and simple way and it’s super easy in use. Even the design says a lot about how cool the project is.

What does YUGENCREATIONS™ offer us?

Daily line up : Here you can get daily updates about the newest songs, trendy news about stars, fashion and other projects.

Buzzing tracks : Here you can listen to the coolest tracks while browsing the app.

Channels : This selection offers you some channels with fun vlogs, TV series, shows, news about DJs, hip-hops news, cool updates on stars life and other cool channels, they are variating due to your location.
Era radio. Keeps you updated with culture, music and memorable events that happened around currently. As an amazing bonus, they have a live selection where you can listen to unique interviews with people that inspire you.

Submissions : If you have some talents, but you have no possibilities to get known, here you can share with the world your creative works. You can work with different art, it’s not limited just to fashion and music. To contact the team simply send an email, write a short story about yourself and don’t forget to include your Instagram and Twitter to be noticed faster. By providing details the team will consider you more professional.

Profile : All the profiles are confident and invisible for other users. You can use it to subscribe to your favourite sections that YC offers. Olso, through this profile you will be contacted by the team about your submitted content, so keep it updated.

My favourites : In this selection, you are able to save things you are interested in, and you will be updated with all new content, whenever you get bored of something or change your interest you can easily remove the selection.

Browse by category : You can browse the content by categories you like. YC offers you an easy way to find needed content.

Browse by Region : In this part you will be informed about YC communities around your area, will be updated about events that are happening around, and most popular trends around.
YC store. That’s a brand store where you can get stylish hats, hoodies, tees.

As you can see, YC is an amazing cultural project. In this community, you will be in trend, new music, fashion trends, lifestyle updates. You can even become popular once you become a part of their community.

The app is created for youth and provides all the useful and trendy information for its user. YC is a very unique project, that gives you knowledge about modern life. Here you can browse music, fashion, lifestyle, TV series, updates about your favourite stars. The community is just growing, check them and you would love to stay there.

Everything about Urban life in your pocket! Enjoy it!

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