30 Apr 2020

Get Things Organised With the Help of Suru, Anytime and Anywhere

There are apps for almost everything. We have apps for organizing, productivity apps, to-do apps, list making apps, apps for task management, note taking and also for putting up with checklists. How about you can find an app with all these put together? That would be simply superb, Right? When

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19 Apr 2020

Thinking About Socializing? Choose Toodls

Making new friends become difficult when you grow up. There are many apps that help you socialize and make friends. With the assistance of technology, you will be able to make more friends in your community as well as elsewhere in the globe. Toodls help you to get new friends

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09 Apr 2020

All-in-one access to your medical data and more with HealthChampion.

Do you know your own medical history? Do you have access to an overview of your health activity? If the answer is no, then you should check out HealthChampion. It’s available to download now on Google Play, iOS or via their website. The app securely syncs and saves your health

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07 Apr 2020


Do you know around 1 billion dollar Gift cards go unused every year due to one or the other reasons. Maybe they are less convenient to use or people are not comfortable to use them on online stores or any other place from where the Gift card has been sent.

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02 Apr 2020


Do you waste your whole time on looking for your contacts. If you have a large circle of contacts or you own a business your work is almost done by connecting with your team members. So you need to spend less time looking for your contacts and more time connecting

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23 Mar 2020

Phone on silent during an emergency? NeedUNow is the solution!

There are few things more frustrating than needing to get in touch with somebody, but their phone is on silent. Maybe you’ve been on both sides, because it can feel equally bad having missed a time sensitive message or been unaware of an emergency happening. “Sorry, my phone was on

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08 Mar 2020

Track Your Dog’s Walk and Health with the Ultimate Mean App

Do you love your dog? Do you take him for a walk every single day? How does it sound managing your dog’s health as you take him out for a walk? Yes, you can record your dog’s walk in real time and understand your dog’s feelings more as you walk

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20 Dec 2019

A Solitaire game that’s easy to pick up and play, but difficult to put down.

Solitaire Time Warps – available to download on iOS and Google Play – is a fantastic solitaire game by Sto Co. It combines everything we love about solitaire and injecting some action & adventure, the result is a beautifully designed game perfect whether you have 5 minutes or an hour

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09 Dec 2019

Howzat: Become a Fantasy Sports Champion and Win Money

Indian cricket fans follow each and every moment of the game played by Team India and cheer up for the team. They watch each and every match with the same dedication and feel the same excitement as the players do. However, you can’t watch every match and keep and eye

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09 Nov 2019

Borrow Money Online Easily With My Canada Payday Loans

As a commoner, we may be put into a situation where we might be in shortage of money and our bills are in due. When there is a financial emergency, you are always left with an option and that is Payday loan. These loans help you meet your immediate cash

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09 Nov 2019

Newsvoice – The perfect app for the fast-paced world

We live in a fast-paced world where a new news article is born every minute or every few seconds. Something or the other keeps happening around us every now and then. It is virtually impossible to know or keep track of all the happenings around the world. Yet we all

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06 Nov 2019

Neuraboot: Manage Your Emotions & Moods in a Few Taps

Do you have a temper? Are you constantly frustrated with family? Is work stressing you out more than usual? With NeuraBoot, available on iOS, you can now start managing and resolving those mental roadblocks. NeuraBoot is a clinically-backed, mental health app that helps you keep tabs on your mind by

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