The Ultimate Guide to Help You Can You Escape this 252 Games

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At HFG Entertainments PVT LTD, they see gaming as the most popular form of entertainment in the Escape Games Category. They provide professional services to our clients ranging from concept prototyping to full-fledged game development, including design, art creation, development, and music. Their teams are working on games that use the power of 2D to create bold and innovative game experiences.

Can you get out of this 151+101? Is the game a bang of 252 different themed games? As the genres change, so do the corresponding locations to meet the relevant demands and expectations of the players. All the adept games in this 151+101 are the best mini-puzzle escape games that will put your brainstorming memory to the test.

Features of Can You Escape this 252 Games

  • Picturesque Locations for Challenging 151+101 Games
  • Riddle Puzzles
  • Gameplay that is addictive (75 hours).
  • Animation has been polished.
  • Every day, free coins are distributed.

About HFG Entertainments

With its technology, artistic, and technical teams, HFG will work hard in the coming years to become a reference in the field of 3D animated games. They intend to promote communication and artistic collaboration among talents worldwide, from storyboard to composite. Prepare to see full-length animated feature films in theatres worldwide in a few years.

Since they have a holistic system to meet the needs of Players, their approach to game development is exceptionally unique. The expert team of game designers, artists & developers, and analysts monitor market trends and game player preferences. Analytics enables to development of new applications and the release of updated versions of existing ones.


When a game is designed with entertainment and fun, it becomes more enjoyable. That is our number one priority in all of our games. We place a high value on providing unique, pleasant, and entertaining play experiences for our customers.

They have created and released over 25 titles, which have been downloaded over 20 million times by players worldwide. Their popular games are also platform-agnostic, allowing players to seamlessly switch between devices and platforms and pick up where they left off, allowing them to play anywhere, at any time, and on any device.