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This is a spin-off of the original Toyzilla game which actually takes place in the same universe but provides completely different entertaining game play.  And for me, unlike the original I really find this one quite addictive.  The mechanics are very simple where one could tap on a button that corresponds to the block at the bottom of the tower.  While naturally the sword takes care of a solider, the hammer gets rid of a block, and of course the royalty always deserves a crown.

The players could find six game play modes, though only the first is unlocked from the beginning.  For others it must be actually earned through scoring a certain number of points on the previous mode, unlocked via IAP or generally opened by downloading a free application.

It is revealed that normal basic mode works exactly as described above, whereas stumper mode is the same but each tower has only two blocks high aside from the royalty.  Wherein case of “The Invisibles” the players don’t know what each block is going to be until it’s at the bottom of the tower, and “color fools” naturally switches things up by changing the buttons to colors and making you match the text with the text on the towers. The players had to ignore the actual colors of the blocks.


In this game there’s a leaderboard for each game and players could challenge other players to beat your score. According to me it’s just a good diversion for when you wish to challenge your brain to a simple recognition game. Toyzilla is an iOS game professionally developed by familiar Orion Arts Pte Ltd. The global users could opt for perfect distraction for a long journey or the long dreaded wait at the motel. Everyone appreciate about this game concept and really a great match for the creative with destructive gamer. Best of all, it’s free to play.

Thumbs Up makes a great substitute for all other entertaining games. The users having iOS device would definetly love this game. It also creates great photo and bragging opportunities too. They are eventually fun entertainment for free and promisingly Toyzilla could get Thumbs Up from everyone.