The most Unique Oil price iPhone app review

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This amazing app gives you all the information that you may need on oil whether ancient or latest.
Top journalists are able to gather data on the market, analysis of market and all news concerning the market.
These are some of the stories offered by the oil price App such as cost analyzing, finances, other alternatives that can be used instead of energy and it mostly contains more news than any other website.

This app will also allow you to customize your own portfolio so that you can get the latest news as they occur, updated prices and any other relevant market information.

The following are some of the features that makes this app unique:

Shares all news on Energy

For latest and trending news on energy, related topics such as oil and its news, news concerning any alternative forms of energy, finances, news on geopolitics and much more news. The app is designed to feature trending news and stories in energy, energy finances, and geopolitics news feeds

Shares news on oil prices

This is the best app for showing oil prices in the whole world.

It has more blends never experienced anywhere else such as the WTI crude and has also the Brent.
It has also the crude substances and OPEC prices.
The app features live oil prices more than any other app programmed with more than 200 plus blend including Brent Crude OPEC blends and WTI Crude. The app displays the Canadian blend and us blends with the prices listed in the chart and a comparison tool.

Oil blends

You can track two hundred blends in the world using this perfect programmed app in your personal energy portfolio

Market data

The app is able to source the real oil price and you can get the real oil price data and analysis at your hand

Alert notification

The app has been programmed to receive daily news, breaking news and price alerts from the energy topics and stocks that matter to you to give a must know news.

Customizable stock alerts

The app has been designed that you can customize your personal portfolio to notify and alert you when the stock has gone up or down .It gives you an option to set prices

Adjustable watch list

The app enables you to track your portfolio by creating and editing your personal watch list with edited alerts

App share

The app is programmed with an easy tap on your oil icon to share your oil information and news to your network making it easy for the user to share the information easily and quickly.

App background

The app has a black background to protect user’s eyes and make it user-friendly at all times.

The app seller is James Stafford
The app size is 73.7MB
It is compatible with IOS 10.0 or a later version of iPad and iPod touch
It is only available in English
It is price free
Age-rated 4 plus
A copyright 2018

Pros and cons

Easy to understand
Easy to install
Can access information at any time
All information concerning energy is found in one place

Can only be used by iPhone users.

Customer reviews
It is an excellent app
It is user-friendly
It has been rated to 4.8 of the five stars
The app is eye-catching and interesting
It can fetch data so fast it is amazing

This is the best site for trending and the latest news on energy, energy-related substances, and oil prices.
It puts emphasis on the energy market that includes petrol and oil. Oil prices are a major trend in business and financial news. This app also enlightens on issues concerning any other alternatives one can use in case of over independence to one source of energy.

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