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Every parent like a child friendly, clean game for their young ones to play. There is an excellent game for Android users on the Google play store, a game specially designed for toddlers, particularly toddler boys. The app is called Airplane Games for Toddlers and is simple, easy to use and full of different interesting sounds that toddlers are attracted to. The game is free to Android users, however it does contain some optional in app purchases. These purchases are completely optional and not purchasing anything will not result in any penalties or limited app usage. This game is simple yet highly educational and entertaining for youngsters. While the game is based on airplanes it does not mean that a young girl couldn’t enjoy this app as well, it’s clearly for both genders of a toddler age.

The game is extremely simple to use and start up. There is no need to supervise your toddler while playing this game, there are enough entertaining colors and sounds to keep them safely occupied for quite some time, all while learning about airplanes and their sounds. The app has mostly positive reviews on the Google play store and is easily downloaded to your Android phone, requiring no use of your other functions, the app takes about one minute to download. One minute and your toddler can be playing airplanes.

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The app is extremely simple to use, so simple in fact that your toddler will have no problem starting this up and playing all by themselves. The app contains no words, violence or anything that you could deem inappropriate for toddlers. There are two functions on the start screen, play and unlock. The unlock option is your chance to take advantage of the full version with all unlock able for only $1.39 on the Google play store. However, if you do not want to spend any money the next option is adequate enough for children to play and enjoy.

On play mode toddlers will be presented with four blank airplane shapes in the center screen. On the right hand side will be four matching plane images and they must drag their finger along the screen and put them in each planes corresponding place. Each plane image produces a different sound when touched so there are plenty of interesting sounds and colors to keep toddlers entertained. Once all planes are matched up, the screen fills with some various object such as, mini planes, bubbles, balloons and so forth. They must use their finger to pop all of them. There are many different rotations with a lot of different planes each making cool sounds that interest toddlers. This app is definitely worth the download and will keep toddlers entertained for time to come.

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