Tap Into Your Inner Warrior with the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away Game

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Fun Games | 0 comments

There’s nothing more satisfying than letting your inner warrior come out into the open. When gaming, you can be ruthless and take out your enemies no matter the cost. If you love the feeling of achieving your gaming goals, while also racking up major points, the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game is for you. This fun app allows you to hit your target and win points based on how far you can throw it. Your inner warrior will be thrilled when you see just how impressive your skills are!

Your first step should be to head to the iTunes Store or Google Play to download the free app. There isn’t anything you need to do to get started besides downloading the app on your smartphone. From there, use your avatar (which can be a Giant, Zombie, Golem, Santa, or Robot) to hit the targets that pop up on your screen. The targets can be a range of flying objects – from meteors and missiles to space worms and UFOs. Tap your screen to hit the target as far as you can; you’ll get more points the farther you can hit it. There are also opportunities to get bonus points. When your target hits another flying object in the sky (such as a pelican, space turtle, or space stingray), rubies will rain down. These gems will add bonus points to your score. The higher your score, the more access you’ll have to extra features and additional points. Your inner warrior will be hyped to see how your skills in battle can result in super high scores.

The Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game, developed by Game day Inc., provides you with the ultimate gaming experience to satisfy the fighter within. The 3D graphics are vibrant and have tons of bright colors to keep your interest. The best part is that the gaming is pretty straight-forward. Even if you don’t have tons of experience playing games, you’ll be able to start playing this game and get high scores even without a lot of hardcore skills. For this reason, the game is also a great option for kids. There isn’t any violence or scary content to watch out for either.

Your warrior might be a tad disappointed to learn that there are a lot of ads in the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game. It can be distracting to your inner fighter to see banner ads at the bottom of the screen and video ads that disrupt between rounds. Another downside is that you do have to make some in-app purchases to get the full experience of the game. However, if you’re not willing to pay for anything, you can still enjoy the basic levels.

Let your inner warrior come out to play by downloading the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game now!