Bubble Shooter – The Perfect App to Blast Some Bubbles

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Online games are great fun always and they help you relax anytime and from any place. The games that do not cost anything are even more fun and relaxing. Bubble Shooter game is one such classic arcade game that has evolved since the early ’90s. The game has come up with so many twists and upgrades so that users will never lose interest in the game.

The popping of bubbles of similar colour is the concept of this game until they all touch the bottom line. When three or more bubbles of the same colour come together, they just explode. All that you must do is use your mouse pointer to aim and shoot at the bubbles. The more the points you get when you shoot more bubbles. When you can form a chain reaction clearing all the bubbles, your get more points. If you misfire, you get a foul. The ultimate aim is to clear as many bubbles as you can before they come down.

The Bubble Shooter game can be enjoyed on any device of the users’ choice. The game is so addictive and it keeps you on hold for hours together. This game comes with so many variations namely the Bubble Extreme, Bubble Shooter Pro or a combination of both called the Bubble Shooter Candy.

The Bubble Shooter game can be played freely on the web link: https://www.bubbleshooter.net/. It can otherwise be downloaded as apps on mobile devices and gamed forever. You aim to break your previous high score or try and compete with your friends online. The website/app works perfectly fine and users won’t have any hassle playing the game. When you have any queries, you can write to the team at [email protected].

Bubble Shooter game can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices as Bubble Shooter Tale and it is completely free for download. The app features a state of the art gameplay with more than 100 challenging levels. The game features a cute cat and its finest design make you want to play more and more each day. Users can go back to the previous levels and earn more points. The app comes with so many power-ups namely the aim booster, rainbow bubble, and horizontal bomb and circle bomb. All of these will help you tackle the difficult levels with ease.

Bubble Shooter is suitable for all those who are above 4 years of age. It is one awesome game that is more fun to game with. 

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