Covert Alert – The Revolutionary Personal Safety System for Women

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The safety of women has become a prior need of the hour as they are at risk in all places. They need to keep themselves protected from prying eyes.

Covert Alert is the first voice activated hands-free safety app. With three quick steps, this app by Lucrative Innovations makes safety easy. The app ensures your protection round the clock. The app belongs to the Utilities genre in the App Store. The version 5.1.9 is the latest release made on December 21, 2018.

When you say protect me now or tap the button under vulnerable situations, the app continues to listen in the background and ensures your protection. I personally love the voice activation feature of the app. For example, when you say “ Leave me alone”, a default message can be set and sent to a maximum of five contacts. This emergency message is preset by Covert Alert and can’t be altered.

Special features of the app include:

  • Speech activation with user specific keywords or numbers mentioned as you run the application.
  • Instant alerts, which send messages and real time GPS location to contacts, communicating the user’s situation.
  • A 15-minute recording in any emergency situation stored to the users phone as well as on for later retrieval.
  • Full customization of keywords and phrases used to trigger alerts sent to designated contacts.

Covert Alert is available for download on all iOS devices. The app comes free of cost with many in-app purchases like 50 additional text messages, 60 additional minutes, 15 additional minutes, 100 additional text messages and 30 additional minutes. The app is compatible with iOS 11.2 or later versions.

Overall the app is great and easy to use. Be it your home or work place, or when you travel alone, the app makes your safety the priority. If you are put under any dangerous situation, being threatened or being robbed, you can’t just make a call at that time. The app lets you to alert your kith and kin without the criminals’ knowledge. The emergency contacts receive your exact coordinates and can reach you as soon as possible.

With the advent of smart phones and cloud computing technologies, Covert Alert offers the most convenient and effective mode to inform contacts in emergency situations. Kudos to the developer as this app is a must-have for any woman out there. I would strongly recommend this app to all women around me as they may not know what dangerous situation they may encounter anytime.

Worth Having App – Download the app