U-Nest : Smart Saving App for Iphone

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For most prolific smartphone users, you probably have heard about U-Nest. What is this app about? Well before we get into the details about it, you need to be having an iphone with application already installed from the appstore so as to follow along as different features are explained in detailed. The Android version is not out yet, but you can purpose to be added within the list for getting it on time after its release.

The U-Nest application was simply an initiative by the LA Startup U-Nest which was aimed at aiding parents in their quests to save for their children’s college futures. To put simply it radically simplifies the college saving process. Its access is also to tax-advantaged college savings parents of all financial backgrounds. As it use is simplified, you are able to establish and manage a “529 College Savings Plan.”
As you install the application, you notice the green theme that the U-Nest logo is branded by with a little shade of blue at the top. This combination is one that is appealing. It contains a drop list menu on the top left of the screen from where the college calculator, find your bank, asset allocation and transactions tabs can be accessed. In the college calculator tab , one is able to enter the child’s age, choose a public, private, out of state university and lastly contains a savings pledge for each month. This obliges you to pay a given amount to the savings account in order to reach your set saving target faster.
From the Find your bank tab you are able to choose from which bank account you will be financing your college savings from. If your bank is not listed in the list, worry not as you will use the link bank account button to enter details of your bank account that money for the 529 College Savings Plan will be drawn from.You are able to add you children’s pictures. Also set the determined date that the savings will be able to be accessed. From each tab, you are able to view the block chart of your personal savings account versus your U-Nest College Savings balances.
To add more about this quite unique application, the user experience is quite amazing with the fast response that each touch or selection brings along. It does not require a lot of storage space as it only takes up 64MB. The app also requires an iOS 10.3 or later. It is also compatible with iphone, ipad and ipod touch. The app surely will offer good insights for parents whose main aim is to keep their children’s future as much alive as possible. With the ever growing $1.5 trillion student debt that the US faces, this seems like a good direction to go. Also with the age of digital literacy that everyone keeps talking about U-Nest tries to simplify the experience of waiting in banks to open or to deposit cheques to your child’s saving account. With this app, the future looks bright for each child’s college funding.
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