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In our fast paced life, we seem to tend to forget our day to day devices. Sometimes our pets also add to our list of lost items. GPS tracking systems are an incredible invention in the modern time. People relay on the GPS tracking system for every device and procession. Using this tracking system, people can track their children, pets and other electronic devices that tend to get lost. At present the GPS technology has advanced to more updated levels and aids in law enforcement, commercial industries and emergency services.

Floky is an advanced GPS tracker that helps in tracking your devices, your pets and your children. You can even track if you have parked your vehicle in a safe location.

How the app works:

Download and install the Floky app in your mobile or other smart devices. Floky is a mobile security app that helps its users find their lost possessions like pets, vehicles, watches and other devices that are connected to the internet. Floky is the most ecological and economical solution to tracking your belongings through the power of social media.

It also helps you maintain a control over your assets. Moreover, you will be able to access the exact location of your assets and keep in check with their status. You should register in the Floky app and can be able to track all your personal belongings from anywhere. This application uses a beacon technology to track your lost belongings.

Features of the app:

Floky app has multiple features that are unique.

  • Easy to use. The application is extremely user friendly for novice users.
  • Economical. With its zero charges policy, the app is totally economical
  • Safe. It keeps your products safe and secure and lets you have a 24*7 eye on things.

Compatible with:

Android and iOS devices.