Learn any skill you can imagine, any time, with Skills Co!

by | May 11, 2019 | General | 0 comments

Most of us go online when we want to learn something new – but that can be time-consuming as you sift through questionable ‘experts’ and advice. Skills Co, a promising new skills marketplace, makes it easy to find quality courses from real experts, no matter what you want to learn.

With over 500 unique categories there’s an almost endless choice of skills to learn. Whether you want to pick up a new hobby, learn a skill that’ll add value to your career or – if you’re like me – just learn for the sake of expanding your knowledge! If I included every category this would be a long review, so go and check out their website at www.skills-co.com and start browsing!

CEO Blake Heron described Skills Co as “The Netflix of skills” which is totally true. No more sitting through ads while you’re trying to learn or following a blurry video of some person just ‘winging it’. Skills Co gives you access to high-quality content on-demand from credible professionals across every industry you can think of. The app, available to download on iOS, lets you learn on the go wherever you are. Courses are made up of individual video lessons, making it easy to learn in sessions, whenever you have some free time.

Skills Co promises to offer the highest earning potential possible by keeping payouts generously high. Course creators get to keep 90% of their profits minus processing fees for just $10 per month. A well-made course can generate plenty of passive income and one user can upload multiple courses for the same fee, making Skills Co a great deal for anybody looking to monetize their knowledge. On the subject of monetization, Skills Co provides YouTube channel owners with a more effective way to monetize their traffic than relying on ads income. By directing viewers to your video course on the platform, you’re turning every viewer into potential income!

Download Skills Co on iOS today and visit their web app at www.skills-co.com to get started!