YAPA: Mental health taken good care of by this social media app of by this social media app

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Making a trend in social media these days is to help people find their relaxation. This might not be very true with some of the apps that one could see making their presence count. But definitely, this is the case with the new soon to be the revolution in the industry called: YAPA. This is the simple business of bringing things in alignment and helping people to quickly express their current mood with no phots, no likes and no comments involved in any way.

Key Features of YAPA

  • Easy to use: YAPA helps people to send yaps and even to receive yaps very easily, The system has been made in a way to make these things away just at a distance of switching and swiping!
  • Express well: Psychologists know that expressing and sharing has a whole new way of making things better and easy for people. This is the main agenda behind developing this app where people definitely get to share but they are even safe from the environment by keeping the system with no photos, no comments and no likes!
  • Color makes it more beautiful: Boring texts are not always good and helpful in expressing what you definitely want to be conveyed, Thus adding a little punch of color in everything makes a whole lot of sense. This is what is believed by the YAPA developers and hence each mood setting has that extra impact which is involved in by adding more colors in the mood setting texts.
  • Avoid spams: With the helpful system of making things properly verified through OTP system, it is definitely not likely to be spammed or be disturbed by any spam accounts.
  • Chat: With the mechanism of sharing and expressing it is very easy to get one chat with you, only if you want to. This one is possible through the chat option present in the app that helps people to chat with you or helps you to chat with people once you follow them or they follow you!

Sending yaps is very easy!

Whether it is about sending yaps or even about receiving a yap, this is definitely tailored to suit you as per your convenience. Simple selecting the kind of mood that you are having at the moment or even opting to add some more text as per your feelings help this system to be easier and defective for you!

Select the colors as per your choice and shhhh, be ready not to be disturbed by anyone, as YAPA is made to say no photos, no like and even no comments could be posted on this social media platform!

Last words:

YAPA is easy and even more convenient than normal text messages are on the revolution mode of bringing a change. This change is supposed to be the change in the social media of undertaking a very important matter: mental health.

Summary: The need for bringing a change in the world has been realized. Sooner or later this is going to be the reason why many of the social issues including mental health could be resolved and hence this gives a greater reason to keep sending and receiving yaps!

  • Technical Handle: 5
  • Connectivity: 4.5
  • Usefulness: 5
  • User Interface: 5
  • Network Usage: 4.7

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