MOXY connects politicians and people to build a stronger democracy.

by | May 5, 2020 | General Apps | 0 comments

Under half of eligible US voters actually vote – and that’s a big problem for democracy. After all, a democracy can only truly be effective if most of its voters, well, vote. With more and more Americans feeling disconnected from politics and disheartened by it, MOXY couldn’t have been created at a better time. It’s available to download now on iOS and Google play.

The app’s goal is to “transform democratic governments through an interactive nonpartisan platform that puts actionable information at the fingertips of any U.S. resident 13 years or older”, said its CEO.

It’s achieving this goal by connecting voters, elected representatives and authorized organizations. By creating an app that is a reliable source of information and a platform for healthy political engagement, they are facilitating positive change.

For information, there are few better places to go. You can see information about upcoming local, regional and national elections along with information on ballots and candidates. Stay informed about local, regional and national issues through forums, podcasts and more. What’s more, you’ll also be able to see upcoming and enacted legislation, with official information on what that means for you and your family.

MOXY also has multiple ways to engage with politics. You can host or join forums and discussions, set up group chats, participate in surveys, listen to podcasts and tune into streams hosted by elected representatives, authorized organizations and thought leaders. You can even go live yourself and start your own forums if you become a premium user.

Democracy is going through tough times, there’s no doubt about that, but why not become part of the solution? Give MOXY a try on iOS and Google Play today.