Get Things Organised With the Help of Suru, Anytime and Anywhere

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There are apps for almost everything. We have apps for organizing, productivity apps, to-do apps, list making apps, apps for task management, note taking and also for putting up with checklists. How about you can find an app with all these put together? That would be simply superb, Right? When you want to create, organize and be specific about your work, Suru would be the ultimate choice.

Suru is a complete productivity app with all the features to help you stay organised and it offers different color choices. Given by Brandon Storms, Suru assists you in creating different projects, tasks, papers and presentations with any idea. Users can be specific by adding photos and videos to their outlines and lists and also snap and group all the relevant and important pics that might be necessary for their projects and ideas. Suru has seven individual color themes so as to let you organise everything with the color you prefer. You can re-color, re-organise, add and delete all the data (items & sub-items) you add.

Suru allows you to export your work to anybody – your employer, employee, co-worker, staff or whomsoever in pdf format. This feature was the most useful of all and it came in handy when I needed to prepare reports to mail them to my boss. Suru also helps you to be in the know of the projects and also set alarms and reminders so that you don’t miss any. All your concepts or ideas can be broken down into individual pieces with photos and videos, thereby allowing you to give a fine detailing.  

The team of Suru loves to hear feedback from its users and you can also email them in case you have any doubts to Using the new toogle style feature of the app, users will be able to view their project in the traditional solid color format or in a more minimalistic outline format. Different projects can be tuned with different settings to match your preference.

Suru Pro comes with both monthly and annual subscriptions at a price of $1.49 and $8.99. Suru Pro allows you to sync all the tasks with all the devices that have Suru installed in them. Users can make a backup of all their works and photos perfectly in the cloud. The app comes in 4 different languages: English, Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

It is one complete app that helps you get the stuff done with the comfort of staying wherever you are just with your own device. 

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