Water reminder – Hydration tracker

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It is common to hear that water is a vital element to a healthy lifestyle. This is because water makes up most of our body weight and has many important functions like flushing out the waste from our body, helping the brain function and regulating the body temperature.  Water is a main component of our saliva which includes enzymes, mucus and electrolytes. Staying hydrated is also crucial in maintaining your body temperature. Water consumption also helps in lubricating and cushioning your joints, tissues and spinal cord. This will help with conditions like arthritis and help enjoy any physical activities. Water also helps in digestion and nutrient absorption. With a gazillion uses, there is no reason why we should not drink water regularly.

‘Water reminder – Hydration tracker’ is a app that tracks our daily intake of water and also reminds us to drink enough fluids to keep our body functions regular.

Developed by:

‘Water reminder – Hydration tracker’ is created and offered by ‘Q’SMART’.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘Water reminder – Hydration tracker’ app on your mobile phone or other compatible devices. Now open the app and you can customize your water intake based on your preferences and lifestyle. You can also get suggestions on water consumption from the app. Since there is no clear definition of which is the right amount of water to consume in a day, the app suggests you water consumption based on your body weight and height. This app also lets you track your water consumption based on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Features of the app:

‘Water reminder – Hydration tracker’ app has many features that are listed here.

  • Simple and user friendly UI/UX
  • Helpful for dieticians
  • Suitable for people of all types of lifestyles
  • Improves metabolism in the body
  • Helps keep your body hydrated

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