Play Your Favorite Game of Carrom with the Carrom Stars App

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Learning Apps | 0 comments

Carrom is a fun game to play and its own fascinating gaming techniques and strategies suit people of all ages. Players enjoy flicking the striker with their fingers on a large wooden board to pocket their pucks. Junglee Games, the renowned app development company, has come up with an Android app named Carrom Stars to entertain all Carrom enthusiasts.

The welcome screen of the app asks you to register using your Facebook or mobile number. You can also game as a guest. Once you choose to be a guest, the app rewards you with 10,000 free chips.

Carrom Stars has four individual sections: Profile, Lobby, Refer and Menu. Your profile is where you can see your gaming stats like the number of games and the amount of chips you have won as well as your win rate. The lobby section has three different game rooms: Mumbai, Dubai and London to choose from. Each of these has a different entry fee and a different prize money to be won.

The “Refer” section is from where you can send the app link to your friends on various social media platforms like Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The “Menu” section of the app has the option to to turn on/off the game sounds. There is an option to play offline in the Practice mode, where you take turns on both sides without using any chips. Under “Menu” you will also find the game rules and other details about the app.  

Carrom Stars has a neat Carrom board with perfect design and a user-friendly interface. To play, you simply have to move the slider in order to position your striker on the board. Once it is positioned, you can adjust the angle of the striker (you will see a line of trajectory that shows how the striker will move) and then pull and release to shoot.

To make the game more interesting and exciting, the app gives you, as well as your opponent, only 25 seconds for each shot. When you fail to shoot within the time limit, you lose your turn. To win the game, you have to pocket all your pucks (black or white), along with the Queen if it has not been pocketed already.

I’d love to get some appreciation when I pocket a puck. That will be encouraging for any player.

Carrom Stars ensures every player has the most enjoyable gaming experience. With easy controls and realistic physics, the app will keep you hooked to action for hours at a stretch.

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