Which app is good for your mind refreshment

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Fed-up or tired from work and want to release your stress? But you do not understand what you should do at this time. This happens to everyone. If I say, its solution is in your pocket you refuse to believe. Yes, using the mobile application on your cell phone does it very well. There are some applications developed by the different organizations that provide you mind relaxation exercise that you can do at your office desk. Many of them are available on play store and App store in free of cost but some featured apps you have to buy.

So let’s start and discussing some of the stress releasing and mind refreshment apps one by one. Also, I will tell you which one of the app is freely available and which one is premium.

Squeeze and shake stress Relief

It is one of the stress release app available on the App Store for only $0.99. In this app, there is a duck that you have to squeeze using your mobile screen. The more faster you squeeze it the more faster duck will noises. It works the same as a stress ball. The sound of the duck after squeezing will give you relaxation and smile and relief the stress.


Breath2Relax app is available free on both app store and play store. This app will release all your stress using the techniques of breath. It will show you some videos that guide you through the process of taking a breath to relief your stress. Before starting your exercise plug your headphones and inhale and exhale your breathing with the proper way that you have shown in the video. This app will decrease the body’s fight to flight response. Also, it will control you mood, anger, and anxiety.

White Noise

Suffering from the distractions while trying to sleep? Does your mind need to power nap but your stress won’t allow it? You have to install a White noise app on your Smartphone. This is free available on Playstore but you have to pay $0.9 to install this app from App store. There is 40+ sounds you can listen with headphone plugged in. the sounds include water flowing, running water, singing bowl, train ride, vacuum cleaner, violet noise, water dripping and all that sounds. Those sounds give you a 3D effect. Use this app while traveling, tired from work and taking a break at the office desk and also at night when you your distractions, stress and tension won’t let you sleep. This app will help you to keep your mind relax and stop from over thinking. 


These apps are best for the mind refreshment. Also, these are the most commonly used apps having a high rating on play store and App store. You should also try one of these apps. If you know any other app please mention it in the comment we will also review it and share it our audience.