Quick Responding Scanner – Must Have

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Nowadays scanning QR code is the very edible and the fastest way to enter any websites and most of the commercials marketing their products with QR code in their packaging to help users to consume the information about the product. QR code becomes a common advertising strategy for most brands. Also, it was used to store any information from many organizations in the world. QR scanning apps are used to decode any QR code using your smartphone and one of the best QR scanners is the “HelpQR” application.

HelpQR app is very easy to use, all you have to do is open the app and click the scan option and scan the QR code using your mobile camera. After installing this app you can scan and instantly connect with any website and information as a one-touch solution. QR scanning app is very edible to gain information from almost anything from the code.

This app is very comfortable to use with your smartphone camera, It quickly checks the security of every QR code and indicates a warning if it encounters any dodgy link. Additionally, it has a feature that allows you to return to websites associated with past QR codes you scanned. One of the best things that you can store the scanning history that keeps you in touch with the websites.

Also, HelpQR can scan the barcode of the products and search for similar products online. It is very handy to use while finding any item in stores that you prefer to order online.

However, what makes it apart from the crowd this app can scan a wide variety of code types like 1D, 2D, and also EAN-13 codes and more. This comprehensive scanner option also saves contacts, images, product details, messages, and other information from any QR code. You can avail of it whenever you need it from the app itself and you can able to save.

HelpQR is offered by Lieber Verwalter one of the top application producers for android devices, This application needs android OS with 4.1 and later versions in just 2.7 MB space need to install on your smartphone. The price of this app was Rupees 100 which is affordable when compared to other apps. Like other free apps in the store, this app doesn’t produce any pop-up ads and other special features described above make this app a unique product.

This app currently has an average rating of more than 4 out of 5 on the App Store. Lieber Verwalter designed this app to derive explanatory videos to users initially and then it molded to produce any information through scanning.

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