Spotty Time helps you take back your quality time by managing your screen time

by | Oct 29, 2020 | General | 0 comments

Family time is important, don’t you think? Although now, when our social lives fit into the palms of our hands, family time isn’t the same as it used to be. Sometimes, it seems like people are so focused on what’s happening on their phones than what’s happening in person, it can make quality time feel… well… not quality at all.

Spotty Time is a new screen time management app available to download on Google Play. Perfect for families and individuals who want to reduce their screen time, it features some fun gamification elements and a strict, no messing approach.

First, you select time slots where you agree to not use your phone. Sessions can be up to 3 hours. During that time, Spotty Time will not allow you to access many features on your phone. When you can’t really use your phone to check social media or the internet, you’ll probably be more likely to leave it alone.

The more time you go without checking your phone, the more coins you earn. Coins are your way to brag about how digitally healthy you are and you can redeem them to unlock a ton of different customization options from within the app.

With the average American spending 5 and a half hours per day on their phone, there’s no question that it’s a problem. We can work, play and socialize from our phones but it’s important not to forget that life happens right in front of you, with family and friends.

Take back the quality time with the ones you love and manage your screen time effectively. Download Spotty Time on Google Play today.