Website Builder for Android

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Website building is one of the main parts of the Internet and has been a huge industry with many alternatives for years. This has led to so many different solutions and CMS systems popping up here and there literally every week. And although there are indeed a lot of solutions for desktop, people have started to use their mobile phones for building and editing their websites. That gives them the ability to make changes on their website fast and easy, and more importantly, on the go.

(i) Concept :

The Website Builder from Simple Different Co Ltd, as a concept, is nothing groundbreaking, as there are many apps in Google play and App store that do this simple task: build a website from your mobile phone. But Website Builder is different from the others out there in the regard that it offers a bigger option pool, compared to other mobile solutions that stay simple with the minimum editing options.

(ii) User Experience:

The first time you open the app you probably feel a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of buttons and selections here and there, but trust me, it gets clearer the more you play around the with each menu. You can add sections, select themes, add texts and images and edit the existing ones. Additionally, you can add new pages to your site and preview it to get an image of what your site looks and feels like outside of edit mode. Overall easy to use once you get the hold of it, although the lack of an “Undo” button leaves something to be desired

(iii) User Interface:

Although Website Builder is a simple app and it succeeds in fulfilling its task, the visuals are really behind their time. The flow is nice and easy to understand, but the colors, shapes, and icons throughout the app are far from modern, and for a second I thought I downloaded a super old outdated app or some cheap knock-off. Hopefully, that was not the case, but it makes you wonder whether the app is legit or not.


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