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When it comes to casino games, Zeus the Thunderer is the app to download for your iPhone. The app gives you amazing Zeus’s slots with stunning HD graphics which enables you to play the game and have excitement for free right from your iPhone.


  • Themes; – the app has different themes ranging from Zeus, Aphrodite and Artemis, which gives a variety of casino games to play with your fingertips.
  • Free credit; – when you start to play, you are given 1000 coins to use; with this you can play various casino games from the first theme. You place different bets depending on how you feel and then spin. When you win a bet, you can earn coins. You can also buy more coins from the buy section at the top ranging from 3000 coins with 1.99 dollars to 900,000 coins with 99.99 dollars’. With these coins you can unlock different themes, for instance, you use 600coins to unlock the Aphrodite theme.
  • Special bonus; – you can also collect special bonus by just tapping the special bonus section and play the game. The more you with bets with large stakes, the more you can earn more bonus,
  • Bonus game. There is also a bonus game where you can play without placing any bet and stand a chance to win dollars.
  • Settings section; – in this section, you can turn on and off music and sounds respectively.
  • Leader board; -this allows you to connect with other players and also share your winnings in different networks.
  • Line section; – this allows you to chose the number lines you want to play with at that round. Also, you can increase or reduce the number of lines using the buttons below it.
  • Bet section; – this will you show the odds available you have placed. One can increase or reduce the stake by using + sign and – sign respectively which is placed below bet section.
  • Total bet; – this shows the number of bets you have selected to play with. Pay table section is also below it.
  • Max lines section; – this section you can select maximum lines depending on the stake you’ve place.
  • Spin section; – at this section, you can spin the game and get results.
  • Double or nothing bonus round;- when playing the game you can be awarded double bonus round or nothing depending on how you won the bets.

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  • The game is easy to play as no cumbersome rules you are required to follow
  • With HD graphic photos, the game is real and live.
  • No money is required for one to play. The game is free, and you can play all the slots.
  • The game is available online, and no internet is required. This makes the game more reliable.


Ads keep on disturbing when playing the game.

In general Zeus the Thunderer is one of the best iPhone games as one can play without actually going to the casino and using the money. You can play and unlock different themes and have fun at your home without struggling. The HD graphics used makes the game more real and lively. Download and have fun with  ZEUS THE THUNDERER GREEK GOD CASINO!