Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps

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Maths seems difficult at first when we do not try them out or when there is no one who could explain to us why the next step occurs. With children being glued to the smart phones all the time, its now time to make some use out of their addiction. Learn maths using the smart phone and teach your kids to make a gadget useful. There are many apps in the market that simply gives us the answersto these math problems instead of explaining how the answer got to be that. This does not give children any learning knowledge or sustains their interest in maths.

The ‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ is a math learning tool that explains with steps the math problems that are posed to it.

Developed by:

The ‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ app was created and offered by ‘Softmath’.

How the app works:

Download and launch the ‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ app in your device. The app has an Algebra calculator that solves and explains the algebraic problems you have. It also explains why the next step occurs and in what way it does so. There are many other calculators such as graphic calculator which helps in platting graphics, x and y intercepts, etc. The Trigonometry calculator helps you with trigonometry sums and simplifies them. The equation solvers will solve inequalities in linear equations and others.

Features of the app:

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ has many alluring features that are listed here.

  • Improves your math skills
  • Teaches maths along with the steps
  • Algebra calculator
  • Trigonometry calculator
  • Quadratic formula calculator

Compatible with:

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ works on all Android and iOS devices.