Kinedu: Baby Development Plan

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You don’t always need to see a doctor to find out if your child is hitting their developmental milestones. The Kinedu app provides you with immediate access to expert advice on how your baby compares to typical developmental milestones, such as mental, physical, emotional, and linguistic health, as well as a large database of videos and other guided activities to help your child meet their development goals.

The premium version includes more videos, expert-written articles, support for up to five children on a single account, and the ability to share your account with caregivers, babysitters, and family members.

Are You Looking For Activities To Help Your Baby Grow?

You get unlimited access to daily activity plans and how-to video guides that are appropriate for your child’s developmental stage when you use Kinedu. You can play with confidence because Kinedu has collaborated with Stanford University experts to ensure that each activity supports the right skills at the right time.

Do You Want To Connect With Early Childhood Experts As Well As A Community of Other Families Like Yours?

Learn, and join live and on-demand parenting and development classes hosted and created by experts with Kinedu. You can find expert-guided interactive play sessions with parents all over the world, and connect with our family community in forums focused on topics that are important to you.

Do You Require Personalised Coaching That Is Tailored To Your Specific Requirements?

You can also book individual sessions with experts on sleep, breastfeeding, language acquisition, nutrition, and a variety of other topics related to early childhood development on Kinedu.

Unlock the skills, confidence, and support network you require to nurture your baby’s journey every step of the way with Kinedu. It is also completely free. Get access to three activities per week, over 650 expert-written articles, and our milestone tracker.

Kinedu – Learn Features:

  • Participate in interactive play sessions like music for babies.
  • Access to live and on-demand classes led by experts on topics such as breastfeeding, sleep, and many others
  • Connect with a family community by sharing challenges, tips, and experiences in forums.
  • Chat with an expert to get the answers you need.
  • Kinedu play includes over 1,800 play activities, milestone tracking, and much more