Liner – The Shaping Game

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I like Liner – The Shaping Game, it’s a great game for passing the time. I’m not usually into puzzle games but this one is so clever and gets me thinking on my toes. It’s not too difficult but also hard enough to keep my brain active and I love that it shows you the shapes needed to solve each level before you start playing it. I love this game! It’s so simple but so addicting. The visuals are great and the timer is just the right length for a nice break from work. There are enough levels to keep me busy for a while, I know I will be playing Liner – The Shaping Game all weekend long!

Description of Linear – The shaping game

You have 60 seconds to solve as many puzzles by aligning lines.
Each line you solve grants an extra second.
Every 4 puzzles solved, will increase the maximum amount of lines that may appear within a puzzle.

How many lines can you solve in one session? Go and find out!

Liner – The Shaping Game is a simple and clean puzzle game where your goal is to align lines into required shapes before the timer runs out.
In Liner, players can kill time smoothly by solving simple shaping puzzles.
They can also compete on different leaderboards and compare themselves to friends.

Players receive coins based on the number of lines they managed to solve during their sessions and have the opportunity to use these coins to change the colour theme of the front and/or background lines.

The game currently provides 5 different game modes to choose from:
(Classic, Fast, Hard, Zen, Cruel) and I’ll be making a few more in the future.

This project was first started with the help of the TikTok community and all of the participants are mentioned on the games credits page.
If you want to take part in this wonderful project and get your recognition also, just follow

Take part in the different competitions I run. The ideas and suggestions of the winners will be added to the game and later credited in the upcoming TikTok videos where I introduce them. Each leaderboard member will also be credited once the game is fully complete. For that, you have to make sure you have logged in with your Google Play Games account before playing!

Take Away

I’ve played a few other puzzle games and this is the best one that I’ve found. It’s really easy to play, it’s a simple design but the game is not boring at all and there are challenges for players of all skill levels. I love how the timer keeps me on my toes and makes sure that I’m constantly thinking about what shapes I need to create.