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LinkMe is the easiest way to connect all your social media profiles.

LinkMe is an app that helps people connect and share their profiles with friends and colleagues so that they can easily share their information.

We believe connecting and sharing should be simple. LinkMe bridges the gap between all your profiles, whether it is a profile on a social media platform or an online dating website.

LinkMe helps users to connect with friends, family members, colleagues, classmates or even strangers. It also has features like messaging, group chats, photo sharing and live streams that make it more convenient for people to share their profiles with others.

With LinkMe’s help, you can easily invite your friends and family members to join you in your favorite activities or events like concerts or sporting events!

We believe connecting and sharing should be simple. LinkMe bridges the gap between all your profiles.
Scan. Network. Shout!                                 
All your links & info are in one place.

Shout with your friends, see what’s trending, and meet new people around the world and on the go.
Countless ways to network: You can scan someone’s QR code, search millions of profiles, find mutual friends, and more!
On LinkMe you’re able to Shout messages, images and videos! A shout can last forever or disappear in a few hours; it’s up to you to decide how long you want to Shout. See something cool? Give it a Shoutout!

LinkMe is a social media app that connects your profiles and shares them with the world. In this way, you can share content from your profile to your professional one seamlessly.

To connect two LinkMe profiles, follow these steps:

1. Click the “Connect” button on the top right of LinkMe

2. Add a username or email address in the “Enter Username or Email Address” field

3. Enter the username or email address of another person in the field below and click “Connect”

4. You will be taken to their profile where you can add them as a friend

Take Away

I’ve been using LinkMe for a few months now and I’m impressed. The interface is easy to use, the sharing of content is seamless, and it’s really easy to share content from my profile. It’s a great way to share content with friends on social media without having to worry about spamming them with ads or anything like that. I like how it makes my profile accessible to people who are interested in what I’m doing and what I have to say.