Meet Locals, Expats, Travellers or Like-minded Individuals Nearby with Outist

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When I was planning to travel for my vacation, I was a bit worried about how I am going to spend my time there without knowing anyone or anything about the place. That was when my friend suggested me about the Outist app. She showed me about how I could get friends at a new place with this community app and that too with references. The app makes your travelling more enjoyable with someone to help you out.

Offered by OutIst, the app belongs to the social category and it can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to share your activities and interests with the community near you. It can be a great means to go out anytime and have fun. The team aims in making use of the technology that is said to have set people apart to bring them together.

As you download the app, just sign in easily with Facebook or Email id. You are asked to give certain personal details to help you connect with people of similar taste and ideas. With Outist, you can explore people and places with ease. You can meet people in a flash just by swiping and accepting their request. Outist has an active ‘Feed’ that gives you details of the popular events and places nearby.

The app gives references by trusted users. It helps you to join local events that have a public invitation. It can serve as a great event finder as it fetches you details of all the events that happen nearby. You can also locate communities that operate around you and become a part of them if you are interested. Outist helps you create your own meetups and there are some suggestions by the team.

With this, you can find a partner for any work of yours. Using this, you can form your own meetups with groups of three. You can create an event with people who are fitness freaks, dance enthusiasts or even a foodie. If you are a foodie, you can even make an event to dine at a restaurant with someone who has the same taste as yours. Relishing your taste buds with someone who loves to eat as you is more ravishing than anything else.

You can find someone to even exchange the language you know with what they speak. Join weekend events and create urban adventure and also ask for a traveller from far away to teach you about their culture and home land.

The app is suitable for all those above 17 years of age and is available for free. With Outist by your side, you can hangout anytime and try out new things. Meet locals and expats and gather more knowledge wherever you travel. You can connect with more people around you and be a part of the community.

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