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If you wish to become a pro in extracurricular activities, you don’t have to search for any crash course centres near you. Simply download ‘Skillshare – Online Learning’ app and learn exciting new things like drawing, colouring, painting, hand lettering, illustrating, graphic and iconic design, pattern design and many more.

How the app functions:

Download and install the app on your device. Join a community of over seven million people learning to unlock styles and strategies and become a creator in today’s world. If you are interested in art learn water painting, colouring and designing. If you like to decorate your greeting and other cards with a personal touch, you can learn calligraphy and illustration through the application. There are hundreds of classes available in this application which will help you enhance your creativeness. You can make your social presence creative by enrolling in the entrepreneurship classes, digital media marketing, productivity and many others.

The lessons are interactive and interesting with only a few minutes of classes during each session thus making it an attentive spell for the learners. By learning these skills you can become a pro and expand your business or become a freelancer and earn a lot more than you are earning right now.

Discover thousands of courses that could fuel your interest and gain momentum for your career.

Features of this app:

This application features a number of courses for the learner to choose from and get trained in various skills that would enable them to become an entrepreneur in the future or expend their already existing business to a high promotion. Some basic features of using this app are,

  • Free trail for one month
  • Learn from as many classes you wish to learn
  • Download the classes and watch the video while you are offline

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