16 May 2020


During this 21st century in which we all are living, the Internet has changed a lot in our lives. We may or may not realise it, but it has boomed out as a boon for us. We are surrounded by smart devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, Laptops, and many

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02 Apr 2020


Do you feel any changes in your lifestyle, such as changes in your daily routine activities, sleeping, walking, etc. Is your stamina low in doing various activities of your daily routine and you are not feeling well about all these measures? Let me help you track all these parameters and

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26 Mar 2020

Find Bluetooth Devices near You with Snifferton

Have you ever wanted your smartphone to find the devices near you? It can either be for sharing purposes or for knowing who is spying upon us. It is always essential that we are aware of the devices that are closer to us when we are at home or elsewhere.

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25 Dec 2019

Improve your mental fitness & memory with MoneyBall

Just like our bodies, our minds needs exercise, too. Playing traditional mobile games rarely provides the neuro-nutrition we need to keep our minds sharp. That’s where MoneyBall comes in – a brain training/memory game on iOS and Android designed to help improve and test your memory. You won’t find countless

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09 Dec 2019

Howzat: Become a Fantasy Sports Champion and Win Money

Indian cricket fans follow each and every moment of the game played by Team India and cheer up for the team. They watch each and every match with the same dedication and feel the same excitement as the players do. However, you can’t watch every match and keep and eye

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28 Nov 2019

Pencil Photo Sketch – A perfect tool for creating beautiful pencil sketches

Are you getting bored with traditional photo editors?  Pencil Photo Sketch is an ideal choice for your needs. It is an amazing tool designed to convert your images into an amazing pencil sketch. You can enjoy this photo editing facility for entirely free. This amazing photo editing app will work

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23 Nov 2019

Let Us Discover the Secrets with Detective Hubert Maimone on Sophrosyne

Heard about Zeus, Hercules and Athena? Wondering who they are? These are the new names of the Greek gods and goddesses. We might have seen or heard about many of them in stories or movies like Hercules, Clash of the Titans or Percy Jackson. There is an app that is

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09 Nov 2019

Borrow Money Online Easily With My Canada Payday Loans

As a commoner, we may be put into a situation where we might be in shortage of money and our bills are in due. When there is a financial emergency, you are always left with an option and that is Payday loan. These loans help you meet your immediate cash

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09 Nov 2019

Newsvoice – The perfect app for the fast-paced world

We live in a fast-paced world where a new news article is born every minute or every few seconds. Something or the other keeps happening around us every now and then. It is virtually impossible to know or keep track of all the happenings around the world. Yet we all

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06 Nov 2019

Neuraboot: Manage Your Emotions & Moods in a Few Taps

Do you have a temper? Are you constantly frustrated with family? Is work stressing you out more than usual? With NeuraBoot, available on iOS, you can now start managing and resolving those mental roadblocks. NeuraBoot is a clinically-backed, mental health app that helps you keep tabs on your mind by

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30 Oct 2019

Layers of Fear :Thinking about playing this game?

Thinking about playing this game? Bring a spare pair of pants. Lights off, check. Noise cancelling headphones, check. Spare pair of pants, check. That was me preparing myself to play Layers of Fear, story-driven psychological horror game from award winning studio Bloober Team. You might recognize the name of the

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30 Jul 2019


Nowadays, Mobile phones are very common and almost every individual owns it. The reason being it has opened the doors to communicate with people which was not possible in the ancient times. Now everyone wants to get everything in the comfort of their home. If we want to contact someone

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