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Have you ever lacked the words to express what’s in your heart? Magoosh’s Vocabulary Builder makes learning new words fun and easy so you can paint a portrait with your words. It’s so much easier to find the right words to express yourself after learning a whole new selection of them.

Magoosh is a company that helps test and train students to take different college tests like the SAT. Their free app, Vocabulary Builder, can be used for just that. With a clean, colorful interface to guide you, you can select from three sets of words built around different testing sets so you can find the words you need to say.

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Each set of words builds on an easy level system that gives you examples of how each word is properly used and exposes you to words you may have missed multiple times to ensure you understand what each word is saying. It also has a challenge mode if you want to play with other people to see just how well you’ve learned each word. Challenge your friends to see who can express themselves the best.